Biozap converts your waste into useful manure in 4 easy steps.


Only composter kit that comes with a scientifically designed odor remover.


100% organic products that decompose your waste in the most organic and eco-friendly way.


Designed in a way that it maintains the right amount of oxygen inside the container.


A one of its kit composter that comes with twin buckets at the most affordable price.


Compact design designed especially for Indian homes that fits in almost everywhere.


Rapid, Portable & Odourless Composting At Home

The only scientifically designed Kit available for the complete at source composting i.e. Home Composting!

Segregate & Cut

Cut the larger pieces of the waste into pieces of 1 inch (approx)

Mix & Stir

Spread Biozap waste decomposer over the wet waste.

Spread Activator

Turn the waste upside down for proper aeration.

Harvest & Use

Mix with the soil and nourish your plants.


  • Rapid decomposition
  • Aerobic Composting
  • Eco Friendly
  • Portable & Light Weight
  • Space Efficient
  • Low Cost


What they say about us

Vaishali Meshram
"It feels good knowing that the chunks of food I don’t use in my cooking are being put back into the garden and not being wasted. I am absolutely smitten with the Biozap Home Compost Kit. With two bin system it perfect for every urban household.Do give it a try!!"
Vishaka Sharma
"This little thing is great! Super easy to install and use! I was worried the smell of the compost would be noticeable, but it is almost full at the moment! The odor remover has prevented any odors from escaping. I bought the biodegradable bags for it which fit great and keep it clean as well. Awesome purchase! Highly recommended!!! "
Shubham Singh
"I placed it in the balcony attached to my kitchen. As I’m prepping vegetables etc. it’s so easy to just place the peels in the container and when it’s full, just keep it aside and use the other bucket.  We just rinse it out after emptying the compost and it doesn’t even stink. And the best thing about it- no gross compost container sitting on a counter and better yet no smell or swarming fruit flies."

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