Pre-sale Questions

What can I put in it?
All types of food scraps can be added. Avoid putting Oils and fats, bread products, rice and pasta, sauces, dairy products, nuts, fish and meat, or bones or hard waste like shells of Coconut, Walnut, etc. and Mango core, Corns, etc. These will make the compost stink and attract pests. We recommend cutting up scraps into smaller pieces to allow for quicker fermentation. Make sure proteins such as meat and fish are thoroughly sprayed with accelerator. (no bones or excessive liquids).
My composter bin stinks. What to do?
The composter might not be receiving enough amount of air for complete aerobic composting. Mak sure you are stirring the wet waste on a regular basis with the given stirrer. The compost might also stink due to excess moisture in it. In that case, add small pieces of newspaper cuttings (1*1 inch approx.). Also add the given Biozap odor remover that will absorb the excess moisture and reduce the stinking to nil. You can buy odor remover separately from the link below:
I live in an Apartment; can I still use an Urban Composter?
Even if you do not have a garden you can use our Urban Composter to reduce your food waste and so benefit your home and the environment. By composting your kitchen waste, you will reduce the volume of your food waste by about 300%. As the food scraps have broken down in the Urban Composter there will be less negative impact of harmful gases going into the atmosphere. You can donate this organic compost to anybody who practices gardening.
Is the water collected at the bottom useful?
Yes, it is! The tap at the bottom of the bucket has been provided to drain out the water in a vessel and simply spread it in your garden and plants. The water is full of nutrients that that acts as supplement for your plants.

If you still have any query !