Biozap Odour Remover Pack of 5 (50 gm each)



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  • Zero stink- A microorganism-based product which scientifically removes odor from the compost.
  • Multifunctional- A revolutionary product that not only removes odor but also increases the composting process and the nutrients inside the compost.
  • Easy to use- Spread 15 gm of odour remover in the composting bin everyday, till the odour reduces.
  • Turn the waste upside down for proper aeration.
  • Continue the use till odor fades away.

How To Use
Add dry waste to reduce the moisture level upto 50 %.
Turn the waste upside down for proper aeration in an interval of 2  to 3 days.
Under normal conditions odour will reduce within 2 to 3 days.

Keep away from children and sunlight

15gm / day till odour reduces


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