Biozap Organic Plant Food (800 GMS)



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Kitchen gardens, terrace gardens, or your indoor plants- all need healthy soil to sustain and grow. Biozap Organic Plant Food is a specially formulated, plant grown product that feeds the right nutrients to the indoor and outdoor plants in your house. It helps in giving the right nutrient to your plant by enriching the soil and enhancing its quality.

EASY TO USE: Only feed once in an interval of 30 days. Sprinkle a small quantity directly on the soil. No need to mix in any sort of liquid. Toss the soil of the plant to cover the product and then water adequately.

BEST FOR ALL TYPES OF PLANTS: Especially kitchen gardens and plants that live in pots and planters. Biozap plant food is completely organic and safe for any type of plants- indoor plants, outdoor plants, balcony gardens, kitchen gardens, etc.

RICH IN NUTRIENTS: The ingredients in the product improve the quality of the soil

PLANT GROWTH: Significantly promotes plant growth. Improves flowering of your plants and maximizes fruit formation.


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